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Great combo

Been taking this product for a few months now and it has helped tremendously with my UC problems. The original is great too but I love this elderberry, highly recommended

Elderberry Promo

I was disappointed when my attempt to use and buy the Elderberry as a BOGO didn’t work. Within 24 hours Whole Leaf Aloe notified my to let me know they would be refunding the cost of my second bottle of Aloe Vera with Elderberry. Refund was promptly returned to my method of payment. Very impressive. I also think the flavor is wonderful. Thank you Whole Leaf Aloe.

The best aloe

This aloe tastes the best, but you can also feel it after drinking it. It’s like a subtle super charge like feeling. Especially if you drink it around the same time you have your morning coffee or tea!

Skin Moisturizer Combo
Johannes "Hans" van Yperen (Fort Worth, US)
Use after 2 weeks

My wife began using these a couple of weeks ago and loves them!!! i am using the Hydrating gel and my skin “drinks” it and feels refreshed. Great results!

Love it!

This lotion makes my skin so soft and moisturized! It soaks in well and doesn't feel greasy or sticky. I do wish the bottle was a bigger size, as I go through it pretty quickly.

Good product

I just started taking it a few days ago, so it's still too early to tell what it's doing for me. But it tastes and feels like it's a high quality and potent product.

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion
Ann Carmichael (Dupree, US)
Fabulous moisturizer for face and body!

Not only good moisturizer but love the healing power of it

Best Aloe sold!

Started using Coats Aloe back in the middle 90s, had a few years that it was unavailable and searched for an Aloe to replace it and there was not an Aloe that could come close to it! This is an Aloe that is superior to all others! The health benefits from this Aloe are unbelievable!

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion
Elizabeth London (Richardson, US)
Cured my chronic dry skin

Rich but not oily.
Suffered from a skin condition for years.
This is healing it.

Aloe Hand Sanitizer (Eucalyptus & Lavender)
Donnie Hohne (College Station, US)
Soothing and Effective

This was introduced to me by a friend who had been using the product to help in the prevention of getting COVID. I ordered a bottle for myself and I love it! I not only use it for a hand sanitizer but I also use it as an underarm deordorant since it kills germs and has the soothing aloe. It works great!

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion
Donnie Hohne (College Station, US)
Soothing Lotion

I was turned onto this company by a friend who said this was the best lotion they had ever used plus it had brought them some unexpected pain relief to a bruised area. I tried it myself by putting it on a bruise I had and it seemed to dissolve in a day and it no longer was painful. I now use it for all my moisturizing and minor pain needs and I highly recommend it!

Skin Moisturizer Combo
South Dakota Believer (Rochester, US)
Best Ever

This is the best lotion for your all of your body. The gel works wonders too. We have been using all of Dr. Coats Aloe since the early 1990's, and it is the only Aloe we will ever use. Dr. Coats even saved our horse when we had vaccinated him with the West Nile vaccine back in the 1990's!. The ALOE drink was given to him by IV and it saved our horse's life. We use all the Coats Aloe for all of our needs, and I believe it also prevented us from getting COVID.

Wonderful whole leaf aloe

Excellent product. Easy ordering and shipment arrived as stated.

Acid reflux

Wonderful product! Helped my gerd reflux issues, tremendously.
I will continue to use the unflavored juice and reorder

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion
Barras Garrity (Brisbane, AU)

Had a third degree burn. It was getting better but slowly as you would expect used your moisturizing product and I was amazed at the healing of the burn.

Great Stuff!

My wife and I have always been big fans of aloe vera, especially to help control inflammation in the digestive system. We used Lily of the Desert's aloe vera juice for many years until we came across Whole Leaf's version, which my personal research has revealed is an infinitely better product in terms of aloe concentration and quality. Not only that, but Whole Leaf's Aloe tastes SO much better, and we both noticed a huge difference in effectivity once we made the switch. We are hooked for sure!

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel
Priscilla Mott (Monroe, US)

Skin looks and feels vibrant snd younger