What is the Whole Aloe Difference?

The Whole Leaf Aloe Experience

The name “Whole Leaf Aloe” is a tribute to Billy C. Coats (Bill) who is widely recognized as the founding father of the global Aloe Vera industry. Bill has dedicated his life to the discovery of the benefits of Aloe Vera. From his very first patent in 1967 until today, Bill has been involved in every aspect of discovering how to get the best activity out of the Aloe Vera plant.

“Not all Aloe Vera is the same”.

As Bill says “not all Aloe Vera is the same”.  The method of growing, maintaining, harvesting and extraction are all key elements to producing the very best quality Aloe Vera that we are proud to use in all of our products. In 1994 Bill was awarded the patent for processing and stabilizing Aloe Vera using the “Whole Aloe Vera Leaf”. This method of production came after Bill recognized that the majority of the active ingredients in the Aloe Vera leaf are actually next to the green skin that surrounds the Aloe Vera gel which is discarded in the previous hand fillet method of stabilization. The results from research and testing have proved that there is about 5 times more activity using the whole leaf process over the gel extraction process that is commonly used and sold to consumers globally. Given our history, we believe Whole Leaf Aloe is the best available to consumers on the market today.

Bill is the author of 7 books all documenting the benefits of Aloe Vera.

He is the only author on the subject of Aloe Vera to have his book “The Silent Healer” converted to brail and the distinction of being entered into the Congressional Library.

Today we are proud to offer to the public the fruits of Bill’s lifetime of research and development a range of products that promote health and wellbeing.